Caring Dental is the family practice of Dr. Mark Lustman and Dr. Harvey Cohen. We have a dental practice dedicated and commited to our patients. Our dentists and team reflect a warm, caring, and helpful attitude in an environment designed to provide comfort to you and your family. We focus on our patients concerns with genuine interest and treat them with compassion and the highest standard of professional skill.

We believe dentistry to be more than just a high level of technical ability. Dentistry is a moral issue based upon honesty and integrity. It is doing what’s right, putting the patient’s welfare first, above all else. It is an attitude of always striving for perfection, yet a willingness to accept excellence.

Our goal is to prevent oral disease by educating all who join our practice and to provide the dentistry that is necessary to improve the quality of life for the patients we serve.

Beautiful Smile Transformations

Using the latest technology, we offer a variety of cosmetic procedures designed to give you a beautiful, healthy smile. Visit our Smile Gallery to see some of our amazing smile make overs.