Fluoride Treatment

Caring Dental’s top priority is to help you keep your mouth as healthy as possible. We offer plenty of treatments that can make that process easier, including fluoride treatment. We use fluoride in conjunction with other treatment options to help you reduce your chances of being diagnosed with oral decay or developing cavities. Learn more about the importance of fluoride treatment below, and call us to make an appointment with our Baltimore, MD dental team.

Why We Use Fluoride

Tooth decay starts through a process called demineralization. Bacteria digest the sugars and foods in your mouth, releasing acid as a byproduct. It is this acid that can cause your teeth to degrade.

We need to protect your enamel from being harmed during this process, which is where fluoride can help you. Fluoride is a powerful mineral that can make your teeth more resistant to the acid produced by bacteria. There is even a chance that we can use fluoride to reverse early signs of tooth decay through demineralization. 

We will incorporate fluoride into our dental visits, but we also want you to use fluoride on your own.

Where To Find Fluoride

Today, fluoride is found just about everywhere. The vast majority of cities put fluoride in the water supply. That means if you drink tap water, you are helping to protect your teeth. The vast majority of toothpaste also has fluoride, but check the label to be sure.

If you want to get even more fluoride, we can help you with that. During our visits, we can apply fluoride to your teeth as a foam, gel, or varnish. We will paint your teeth with it to prevent cavities from forming. If we are concerned about your teeth, we might also recommend applying more fluoride on your own or investing in supplements. We have plenty of options at our disposal to help you.

The Dangers of Not Having Enough Fluoride

If you don’t have enough fluoride, you might find that your teeth become more susceptible to cavities. You might notice that your enamel becomes weak, and your teeth might be vulnerable to acids that come from bacteria. As a result, you might develop more cavities.

It is our goal to prevent that from happening. You need to come to our office twice per year for regular cleaning. During our exam, we will apply fluoride to your teeth to protect you against cavities. 

Call Caring Dental To Make an Appointment With Our Team

If you want to protect your teeth from harm, you need to use fluoride. At Caring Dental, we can apply fluoride to the surfaces of your teeth to reduce your chances of developing cavities. If you want to learn more about how we can help you protect your teeth, give us a call to make an appointment.

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