Smile Club

Smile Club Membership


Membership benefits Include: 

  • Two cleanings during a 12-month membership period
  • Two examinations by the doctor during a 12-month membership period
  • One set of Radiographs (x-rays) during a 12-month membership period
  • Two fluoride treatments during a 12-month membership period
  • 15% off any treatment received at our offices during a 12-month membership period

*All fees must be paid in full at the time of service. Club benefits do not include orthodontic treatments. Care Credit payment is not applicable. 

We believe that preventative dental care is essential to maintaining good health and oral hygiene. Caring Dental now offers a Smile Club Membership to our patients so we can provide the best oral care at the best price. We continue to offer the most advanced technology and techniques available in dentistry to our patients and want to provide an affordable solution, especially for those that do not have dental insurance coverage. 

  • The Smile Club Membership is renewable on a yearly basis.
  • Membership fees are non-refundable and all benefits are useable after membership fee is paid in full.
  • Since Smile Club members are entitled to a 15% discount off all services rendered, we request that all treatments be paid in full when the appointment is scheduled and complete.
  • Payments to the Smile Club membership cannot be funded by Care Credit. 

Dr. Wendy Rose-Hyatt, Dr. Mark Lustman, Dr Larry Amsterdam, Dr. Jake Hyatt & Dr. Allyson Hyatt are proud to present The Smile Club. Any patient that does not have dental insurance is eligible for a membership. Please ask our friendly staff for more information. 

Get The Smile Of Your Dreams With Our Caring Team

Count on Dr. Wendy Rose-Hyatt, Dr. Allyson Hyatt, Dr. Jake Hyatt, Dr. Mark Lustman, and Dr. Larry Amsterdam with Caring Dental to help you. Contact us today to make an appointment!

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