Periodontal Disease Screening

At Caring Dental, we strive to take care of all of your needs, including periodontal disease screening. Periodontal disease is an oral health condition that impacts your gums. It is a common oral health need that we see in our Baltimore, MD office. We use the best treatment tools and techniques in our industry to help you take care of your gums.

While it might be easy for people to overlook the health of their gums, remember that gum disease can spread quickly. We can help you take care of your gums and improve your oral health, ensuring that your mouth is healthy. Learn more about the importance of periodontal disease screening below.

An Overview of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease occurs when there is an infection involving the gums and soft tissues. As bacteria build up along the surface of the gum line, plaque and tartar grow underneath the surface of the teeth. Eventually, it becomes very hard to remove this plaque and tartar with a toothbrush alone. Brushing and flossing might not be enough to help your take care of your gum line.

Then, plaque can start to separate the gums from your teeth. This could cause the gum line to recede, meaning that your teeth are vulnerable to falling out. The dentists at Caring Dental can help you prevent this process from happening.

What We Look for During the Screening Process

When we screen for periodontal disease, there are a few symptoms that we will ask about:

  • We will ask about your breath.
  • We will look for gums that are swollen or tender.
  • We will ask to see if your gums bleed when you floss or brush.
  • We will look for a shift in your bite pattern.
  • We will check to see if your gums separate from the rest of your teeth.

These are signs that you might have gingivitis or periodontitis. Gingivitis is the early stage of periodontitis. If you don’t treat gingivitis quickly, you could develop periodontitis, which can lead to more serious health problems. That is why we screen for this condition regularly. If we detect signs of this condition, we will talk to you about treatment options.

The Treatment of Periodontitis

If you have been diagnosed with this condition, we have a few treatment options that we can use. One of the most popular treatment techniques is called scaling. We can use a variety of tools to remove plaque and tartar from the gum line. A dental hygienist from our team will try to get between the teeth to remove bacteria. Our goal will be to eradicate the infection, which will help your mouth heal.

We will also check your mouth for signs of oral decay, which can lead to damage involving the gums and root structure. We might also need to use root planing to remove the infection. 

Call Caring Dental for Periodontal Disease Screening

If you want to take care of your teeth, you need to work with a professional team that can help you. At Caring Dental, we offer regular periodontal disease screening services. Give us a call today to make an appointment with our team in Baltimore, MD. It would be our pleasure to help you.

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